April 24, 2019

PRESS RELEASE, Boyertown, PA – ClimeCo Corporation and Climate Smart Group formerly announce the launch of Edenfort, LLC (Edenfort), a joint venture company that is dedicated to preserving America’s grasslands through the development and monetization of carbon offsets.  As such, Edenfort is currently in search of U.S. based ranchers and landowners with a minimum 5,000 acres and at least 10 years of continuous grassland cover who would be interested in participating in their Grassland Program.

Why Grasslands?  In addition to providing food and livelihood to countless American families, grasslands have another important job – storing carbon.  Grasses do a great job soaking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and, through their root systems, depositing the carbon into the soil.  If the soil is not disturbed, the carbon will remain there indefinitely.  Despite their incredible value, grasslands are increasingly under threat to development or, more commonly, conversion to cropland.  Therefore, Edenfort’s Grassland Program was established to incentivize landowners to preserve their grasslands and the associated carbon storing through the development of carbon offset projects.

Edenfort provides landowners the opportunity to develop offset projects that:

  • Provide long-term revenue streams for landowners
  • Protect the legacy and heritage of lands held in families for generations by preventing future land development
  • Capitalize on available federal, state and local tax benefits
  • Reduce estate taxes for those who wish to pass land down to future generations

The Edenfort team is made up of experienced investors and project developers with a solid track record of creating value and developing win-win opportunities for project stakeholders.  Edenfort’s parent companies have more than 20 years of combined experience in reducing carbon emissions through the implementation of offset projects and have generated more than $70 million in revenue for their project partners, including landowners and organizations.

To learn more about Edenfort and how they can bring additional value to your land, please contact them through their website here.