Alastair Handley - Edenfort Director

Alastair Handley


Alastair is co-founder of Edenfort, LLC, as well as the founder and President of Climate Smart Group and Carbon Credit Solutions, Inc., both leaders in the environmental commodity markets.  He has more than 25 years’ experience in agriculture and land-use management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and environmental markets.  As a pioneer in the environmental market space, Alastair designed and developed one of the first software platforms in the world to aggregate and quantify large-scale emission reductions.  Leveraging his prior experience with GIS and software design, he created a world-class Measure-Report-Verify (MRV) system that’s generated more than $40 million dollars in documented offset credits for landowners in Alberta.  He holds a B.Sc. in Physical Geography and Biology from Simon Fraser University.

William Flederbach, Edenfort Director

William Flederbach


Bill is co-founder of Edenfort, LLC and co-founder, President and CEO of ClimeCo Corporation, a leader in the environmental commodity markets.  He has an extensive background in the agricultural space, including market leadership in the development and monetization of environmental offsets from farming operations and N2O abatement projects.  Bill holds a B.S. in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University and an Executive MBA in finance and marketing from the Smeal College of Business.